Striptang No. 5 Pro

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    • - large, efficient working range from 0.2 mm² - 16 mm²
    • - precise working due to adjustable length stop (5 - 25 mm)
    • - integrated, easily accessible built-in side cutter up to 3 mm Cu/Al
    • - ergonomically designed anti-slip multi-component handle
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The automatic wire stripper can be used for stripping all common stranded and solid conductors from 0.2 to 16 mm². An adjustable length stop from 5 to 25 mm enables very precise and accurate working. The length stop can be removed, if required. The wire stripper automatically to adjusts to the required conductor cross-section – so no manual adjustment is necessary. The stripping tool features an integrated side cutter, which is suitable for conductors made of copper and aluminium up to a diameter of three millimetres. Thanks to slim design of the tool, the stripper can also be used in working areas that are difficult to access, such as in switch cabinets. The mechanics of the stripping tool are very smooth-running and have proven to be durable and reliable in numerous tests. The wire stripper has a non-slip multi-component handle in the blue-red "Ice Crack" design. The wire stripper has an eyelet to attach a strap for fall protection and is equipped with a labelling surface to be able to individualise the tool. In addition, the tool has a locking mechanism for space-saving storage.
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