Casting Resin Plus 90

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    • casting compound | crystal clear | low viscosity | up to 90 mm layer thickness


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The epoxy resin system WEICON Casting Resin Plus 90 is a casting compound which cures crystal clear. Its special formulation allows high layer thicknesses up to 90 mm. The compound can also be used to coat sensitive surfaces and protects against damages. The casting resin has a low viscosity, high mechanical stability, is impact-resistant, has a high moisture resistance and a good UV resistance. It can be processed very well manually and mechanically - whether by grinding, filing or drilling. Casting Resin Plus 90 is particularly suitable for applications with high visual requirements. Whether in the production of design objects, furniture construction, trade fair construction, yacht and boat building, wood processing, arts and crafts, or gardening and landscaping - the casting resin is suitable for a wide range of applications.
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