Flex 310 M® ProSeal

Flex 310 M® ProSeal

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    • Multi-purpose high-strength adhesive and sealant
310 ml
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Multi-purpose, permanently elastic, fast-curing and high-strength 1-C adhesive and sealant based on SMP. Neutral curing, entirely weather-resistant, very low emissions and odour as well as free of silicone, isocyanate and solvents. Tested and approved for applications in food-related areas and for ventilation and air-conditioning systems in accordance with VDI 6022. Meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organsiation IMO FTPC Parts 2+5. WEICON Flex 310 M ProSeal adheres very well even to powder-coated, painted, galvanised, anodised, chromated and hot-dip galvanised surfaces. Adhesion range: metal, plastics, natural stone, concrete, masonry, plaster, wooden floors, glass, and many more. The sealant has a high mould resistance, is compatible with natural stone and can be used in many areas, such as food and beverage production, air conditioning and ventilation construction, the maritime industry, sanitary facilities, or the construction industry. Moreover, WEICON Flex 310 M ProSeal can be used in other industrial areas, such as in tank and apparatus construction, in car bodywork, container and vehicle construction, in pipeline and fittings construction, in the energy and electrical industries, in sound insulation and insulation technology and in plastics technology.
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